Mithran Exports Blog Latest Products Thu, 01 Jun 2023 05:25:03 +0530 en-us Benefits of Ponni Rice And How To Enjoy It In Versatile Ways? Sat, 26 Dec 2020 09:54:52 +0530 From South India, the most popular rice variety would be Ponni rice. It has gained huge popularity not just among the people of this region but all over India. It is grown around the banks of Kaveri River. One requires high-quality weather and quality water for the production of this kind of rice. Though it comes with rich calorie content, the texture is smooth and light making it possible even for the diabetic people to consume it. It is ideal for every day cooking and the versatility has made it a great choice for everyone. It goes well with curries, rasam. It cooks really fast and has quite an enticing flavour and smell. One of the most basic ways by which one consumes ponni rice would be with curries and vegetables. Also, one could have it in many other ways like with dosas, crepes, idlis, and with variety of sauces. Therefore, such a versatile item can be consumed in so many ways.   Banana and Berries Pancakes You can easily make pancakes with ponni rice for which you would be requiring soaked ponni rice, blueberries, mashed banana, honey, sugar, sliced almonds. A great way to start your day and not just you, your friends, family and loved ones would love this recipe too.   Tomato Rice This is another item which is a favourite among people of the South. For this one would require ponni rice, ground mint leaves, tomatoes, sliced onions, fennel seeds, cardamoms and other spices. It is delectable and really easy to make. The flavours and taste of ponni rice and tomatoes would surely drive anyone crazy. This will take maybe 30 to 45 minutes. Therefore, if you are hungry but tired after a long day and seek something comforting, then this is the recipe one should be opting for.   The Benefits of Ponni Rice Boiled ponni rice is when the raw grain is boiled and dried before removing the shells. This way the rice will get hard and will not be affected by the bugs so frequently. Purchasing from the right Ponni rice exporter from India is essential because quality matters when it comes to nutritional contents and benefits.   It is an outstanding source of protein and supplementary nutrients. This is why many Indians make rice a part of their daily staple though many believe that rice makes people gain fat. One cup of cooked parboiled rice would offer you 2 to 3% of the intake of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium that has been recommended. It is good for diabetic and because of the less starch content, could be used for various dishes. Parboiled rice might not raise your blood sugar as other types and variants of rice would. It is high in fibre; it is gluten-free and lowers cholesterol.   While choosing the right supplier of ponni rice, one must consider a few factors. You should look at the review and from where they source the material. If one could find references and reviews. Therefore, this is everything one should be knowing regarding ponni rice and how versatilely it could be used and the manifold benefits behind it. Varieties and Flavors of Rice in India Wed, 13 Jan 2021 13:41:56 +0530 Rice work as base stuff for producing different food items. No doubt, it is an inseparable item of several tasty desserts, snacks, and more food items.   Rice is considered one of the commonly used food crops across the world. The cereal foodstuff gives absolute nourishment to over half of the population of the world. Moreover, staple food gives more than one-fifth of the calories used globally by people. India is the second-largest producer of rice after China. It is cultivated at the time of summer and winter. More than 4000 rice varieties are grown every year.   Rice is nutritious and possesses loads of nutrients to offer energy and energy to our body. Rice is a prosperous source of carbohydrates and an imperative source of storing the energy within the body for its appropriate growth. Rice is even low on fat, salt, and cholesterol, and therefore assists in maintaining a good healthy heart.   The rich soil of India is recognized for producing the best varieties of rice and the Basmati rice is world widely renowned for its special smell and delicate flavor and Indian basmati rice is greatly demanded in the universal market.   Just go through the main varieties of rice cropped in India:   Basmati Rice: Sometimes known as the king of all rice, basmati rice is just perfect for regular food. The special flavor and distinct aroma turn the long grain rice the top rice among all varieties. Here, the long-grain rice can be divided into 'Long Grain Brown Rice' and 'Long Grain White Rice'. India is the main farmer and exporter of this rice.   Medium Grain Rice: available in a creamy color and a somewhat chewy touch. The kernels of this sort of rice are wider and shorter as compared to the long grain rice and don’t always expect to stay fluffy. It can even classify as 'Medium Grain Brown and White Rice'.   Short Grain Rice: It belongs to the 'Japonica' category of rice and round grained, the grains of the sort of rice have plumb and short kernels. The rice is identified for a smooth, creamy texture, perfect for making rice pudding and more sweet dishes which includes rice use. The top Indian rice varieties are dubraj rice, champaa rice, hasan serai, clearfield rice, raja hansa, molakolukulu, Patna rice, and ponni rice are name a few.   Ponni Rice is joined to South India, Southeast Asia. It is used for cooking rice, desserts, noodles, and sweets. The Boiled Rice is an essential ingredient in Bangladeshi cuisine and is utilized in different desserts and Rotis which include Bhapa phitha and shondesh.   Ponni Raw has an outstanding source of protein and is elevated in nutrients. They are a highly refined version of raw rice. The majority of the widely and commonly are used rice variety. They are the right source of fiber, potassium, calcium, and vitamin B-6 and specification a rich nutty flavor and silky surface. There are lots of Ponni Rice Exporters from India engaged in offering the best product range. Madurai’s Appalam: India’s All-Time Favourite Snack Sat, 13 Feb 2021 14:37:22 +0530 Legends have it that the secret to perfect Appalam is in the hands of the maker. A Tamil term, Appalam is referred to as the process and doesn’t have an accurate equivalent in English. It probably means shaping, it is a process that involves something beyond the precision of the machine. No wonder why Appalam is still made in hands.   The Most-Loved Appalam Dish Ulundu Appalam is a widely-savored dish in India and you can get it alongside rice plate in Indian restaurants and roadside dhabas. The Appalam is prepared from black urad dal, asafoetida powder, and cumin seeds. Appalams are deep-fried and are served with a large variety of dishes. Other varieties of Appalam include those containing red chili flakes and or powder, to turn them 2x times spicier.   Keep This in Mind When Preparing Appalam You can come across high-quality Appalam from the Appalam exporter from Madurai and in the various grocery shops. However, you can also try making them at home if you want. To make them tastier than the store-bought Appalam ensure they are dry before you fry them. Also, avoid storing the fried Appalams in wet containers as it might result in the Appalams becoming bland and soft.   If you prefer spicier Appalam, you can always add sesame seeds and chilly flake. But bear in mind that Appalams might turn black, in case you try adding chili powder or sesame seeds in it.   Why Is Appalam Loved by Indians? Appalam or ‘papad’ is one of the common foods that Indians consume across the country. Crispy Appalam can be enjoyed with a cup of tea or alongside an elaborative Indian meal. The crispy and crunchy Appalam is consumed as an accompaniment with a plethora of cuisines. The crumbled Appalam is known to add texture to the breakfast menus of South like idle, puttu, upma, etc. It also tastes great alongside Kerala meals or even during lunch with Biryani. Appalam is to Indians what French Fries is to the West.   The Various Names of Appalam In Tamil Nadu, Papadam became Appalam. While in Andhra Pradesh, it became Apadam. It is termed as Happala in Karnataka, and in North India, people call it ‘Papad’. Apart from India, Appalam has also earned fame in several other countries including Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.   Top Ingredients That Go into Making Appalam Urad dal is the key ingredient of Appalam besides potatoes and gram flour. Baking soda on the other hand is a common ingredient that is added in Appalam. In South India they don’t add spices in their Appalams. In contrast, Appalams are packed with black pepper, cumin, and chilies in North India. When oil-fried Appalams don’t rise like South India’s pappadam.   The Appalams that you get in South India is comparatively smaller when compared with North India’s 7-inches diameter. The Appalams you get in Tamil Nadu doesn’t rise. However, the Appalams is not only thinner but also larger.   Lastly, the best way to rule out dupe Appalams is to check if they are made using the best ingredients. Try soaking the Appalams in water for half-an-hour. In case the dough starts separating and dissolving, you will understand the Appalams are of premium quality. Amazing health benefits of Jaggery Powder Tue, 09 Mar 2021 16:26:20 +0530 Jaggery powder is one of the common sweeteners that health-conscious people use these days. It's also a favorite of chefs, culinary aficionados and people who love the legacy of Indian cuisine. Also called gud, or jaggery, no matter how you know this delicious sweetener’s name, or where you get it from, it comes with lots of health benefits and surprise packages. Jaggery Powder Exporter from India supplies them in packed pouches that are easily usable and carry. You can easily place an order online for this product. But before that you need to know about some reasons why should you consume jaggery powder daily.   1. A detox prince of kitchen No matter what it is that you want to eject from your body - harmful toxins, free radicals or intestinal burdens – a spoonful of Jaggery powder scrubs everything away and easily. It is an extraordinary cleansing agent. It works on almost every organ and body constituent like the liver, lungs, stomach, kidney or bloodstream itself.   2. Rich in minerals and vital chemicals It is a good source of many important minerals and chemicals that are vital for the body's functioning. Zinc and selenium get all those antioxidants and control over free radicals with just a good Jaggery block at work and magnesium for bloodstream and functions. Also, potassium is useful for body fluid balance and weight loss.   3. Helps in the respiratory process It can also be counted upon for helping and dealing with associated ailments like bronchitis and asthma.   4. Jaggery powder relieves body in any weather – Whether it is winters or summers it’s an innate ability to control body temperature in an ideal way to experience. Take it with cold water, and the summer heat won't take its peal. When taken with hot cup of tea, and you can fight flu symptoms, cold, cough, etc., with much better confidence in the chilly season.   5. Helps in weight loss goals It also helps in regulating metabolism, thanks to its GI index. Hence, most of the health experts advice making traditional desserts with jaggery powder. This form of calorie won't be changed from energy to fat directly. That makes it open for the ideal energy source without any troublesome effects.   6. Extremely good for joint problems For people suffering from joint problems, arthritis or any other similar problem it is advisable to have a pinch of jaggery powder daily. It works with bones and underlying tissue strengthens the bone competently.   7. Helps regulate blood pressure It is also a power supply to grab for those struggling with high blood pressure problems.   8. Good for the mind as well Get jaggery powder from Jaggery Powder Exporter From India as it can help release endorphins for women and helps massively with mood swings, stress management, etc. when compulsory.   So keep this yummy source of superpowers around you and dig into some sweet pleasure without any guilt of having eaten something forbidden.   Where to get it from? Get it from Jaggery Powder Exporter from India online. They provide organic quality products with the following benefits. • Bulk order supply • Across the nation • Purest quality • Customized packaging The Wholesome Goodness of Urad Papad Mon, 26 Apr 2021 18:45:01 +0530 Urad dal papad is the most loved and typical accompaniments to an Indian meal. Made of urad dal, these thin wafers can be eaten roasted or deep-fried. Providing the right crunch and a burst of flavours to your mouth, delicious urad dal papads can transform a boring meal like khichdi or dal rice into a mouth-watering one.   Loaded with immense flavours and great taste, these papads can be enjoyed as a snack or an appetizer for a complete traditional meal. Available in various sizes and shapes, urad dal papads can be flavoured with seasonings like back pepper, cumin, chilli and other spices or herbs.   Whether you simply roast urad papad and take it as a side dish with your traditional Indian meal or top it with some onion, tomato and lemon salsa to enjoy as a crunchy snack, these papads always taste super delicious.   Why urad papad is god for health? Made of dried urad dal, these papads are a great source of protein, folic acid, fibre and other nutrients. It is a high protein, gluten-free snack that can be enjoyed by people of any age group at any time of the day. It is high in fibre but low in calories, hence you can eat it without worrying about weight gain. It acts as a probiotic and promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes in your gut. It may help improves the absorption of macro and micronutrients from your food.   Offering a wide assortment of superior quality urad papad at a highly competitive market rate, the exporters and suppliers from India have established a strong foothold in the global market. Their offered range of papads is widely endeared for their purity, crunchiness, great taste, nice flavours and longer shelf life. Following are some of the key factors that the exporters of Urad papad from India always take into consideration to stand tall in this domain. The exporters source these papads from reliable vendors and make sure that they are made from pure urad dal and other spices. They offer urad papad in various shape, sizes and flavours as per the diverse needs of customers. They ensure that their offered items are examined by a team of experts on various quality parameters before sending them to the marketplace. They provide flexible payment modes for hassle-free money transactions for clients They use high-grade packaging solutions to increase the shelf life and retain the freshness and crunchy taste of the papads. Supported by a wide network, logistics and transportation, they can easily cater to the bulk or urgent requirements of urad papad across the globe in the stipulated time frame They always maintain transparency in all their transactions and direct all their activities to cater to the expectations of their customer.   Widely praised for its crunchy taste and enticing flavours, urad papad is a tasty treat that goes well with one-pot meals like khichdi, veg pulav etc. Give your boring meal a delicious twist with spicy urad papads! Varieties of Hand Made Papad to spice up your routine meal Sat, 15 May 2021 15:34:04 +0530 Papad is thin, crunchy wafer that completes every Indian cuisine. Whether it's masala papad as a chakna with your drinks, plain sabudana papad the love affair of Indians with papad is an eternal one. Earlier, women in the households would gather together on the terraces to slice, peel and sundry these disc-shaped wafers. Overtimes with sky rise buildings and changed lifestyles we have resorted to buying handmade papad in packets from the stores. These are a good option as all it takes is frying in hot oil and savouring it to the last bit. These super addictive snacks unquestionably in Indian cuisines give every meal an X-factor.   Types of handmade papad supplied by Hand Made Papad Exporter from India:   There are two basic kinds of papad available online like north Indian papads and south Indian papads. North Indian papads can be served fried as well as roasted. But south Indian papads are good to taste only when it’s fried.   Have a look at the variety of papads you can buy online: • Bikaner papad • crushed papad • Kerala papadum • mini papads   Flavours of papad you can buy from Hand Made Papad Exporter From India:   Rice Papad As the name suggests, this variety of papad is made of rice and is less spicy. It is light to eat and can be consumed anytime.   Garlic Papad Indian restaurants serve food with this variety. Garlic with its distinctive, pungent smell and taste makes people either love it or hate it. If you’re that garlic lover, then this condiment makes everything savoury taste better,   Ragi Papad This Maharashtrian delight has superb brown colour and a somewhat more granular texture to it. The use of ragi gives it the additional health benefit along with its distinctive colour, texture and taste.   Kali Mirch Papad It gives just the right amount of heat being added with extra spices like black pepper and papad hits your palate on the right note. Yet, you can’t help approaching your hand to grab another one.   Sabudana Papad For those who do not like spices, it is the perfect option. Tapioca pearls prepare the white bubbly looking Sabudana papad widely enjoyed during festive occasions or fasts like Navaratri. Sabudana papad usually are spiceless.   Aloo Papad Prepared with boiled and crushed potatoes, with some salt, aloo papad is the crispiest snack popular in places like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Not just this, it is also a regular dish on the Holi menu.   Hing Papad This flavouring agent has a special aroma and taste. Have Hing Papad to make simple dal and rice taste super exotic.   Well, there are other choices in flavours available at Hand Made Papad Exporter From India like jeera papad, urad dal papad, plain urad papad, etc.   Health benefits of eating papad • great appetizer for health • act as a probiotic • supports assimilation and digestion • enhances secretion of digestive enzymes and juices • essential for metabolism and hence acts as a digestive   Features of Hand Made Papad Exporter from India • a wider range of high-quality papad • handmade varieties • affordable pricing • wide distribution network • on-time delivery Broken Rice – Health Benefits, Types of Rice Fri, 18 Jun 2021 12:41:57 +0530 Broken rice is fragments of rice grains. The rice grains turned into fragmented/broken in the field or during drying procedure or transport. Understand broken rice and its essentials. Broken grains from the complete are different making use of the mechanical separators and are sorted by size.   Broken rice is fragmented and it cannot be careful as faulty. It has equal nourishment as unbroken rice have. Moreover, if the broken rice possesses bran and germ, then it is quite nutrition as brown rice and if nothing stays, then it has nourishment as white rice.   Uses of the Broken Rice It is mainly used for processing starch or other agricultural products, but they are a tack in many dishes in Southeast Asia. If the core is broken, more water is taken up as compared to the whole core components. Glutinous and foggier are sometimes offered with the cooking broth. There are different methods to make use of the broken rice, which advantage from the natural goods.   Human Consumption In the shape variation and grain formation, broken rice has a finer texture, diversity, and taste as compared to non-broken rice. The grounding and utilization of less oil used to make rice bunches and conges take more to prepare. It needs less effort, affordable rice split, and sometimes consumed by the poor.   Milling of Broken Rice The product from a rice huller gets broken and busted whole grain and the rice from a grain turned white. The rice gets broken and frying rice, paddy rice, and Asian rice or is a matter of 50% rice, 20% husk, 16% rice, 14% bran, and even meals. Meanwhile, rice is expected quite delicate and results in a bigger breakdown.   Use in Industry With the help of small-sized broken rice, brewers can manufacture beer. The process is utilized by the animal food business. It is even utilized in feeding aquaculture and livestock. Broken rice is utilized for the starch processing used in the laundry or cosmetics, clothes, and textiles.   Final Words All through the milling phase, the white rice grains that stop working are called rice split. The content at the diet level is the same as all rice and they have low economic value as all rice. They can also be deal out as per the user’s features in different sizes of the package. They will make sure that they answer the legal needs of the business and are not mixed.   They are separated from the rice and not imperfect. They are used in the same way as whole rice. However, if the broken rice possesses both bran and germs, it has nutritional outcomes which include brown rice and if nothing is left, it can be nurtured such as white rice.   Broken Rice Exporter from India is serving the needs of buyers across the world. Rice is a special food, which can be added to any real diet plan. It would be better to choose a reliable supplier online who offers the best product and services. IR 64 Rice: A High-Quality Long Grain Rice Tue, 13 Jul 2021 14:48:55 +0530 One of the best types of long grain rice in India is IR 64 Parboiled Rice. It is the most renowned non-basmati rice that is exported from India. The texture of this rice and the long grain makes it more special and identifiable. This kind of rice is the main source of protein-rich carbohydrates and is known for its delicious taste and rich aroma. It is cooked rice and is cultivated in a strategic approach.   The IR 64 rice supplied to consumers is the long-grain rice with the largest export volume with many different variations in it. This is one reason for the increasing demand for this rice is high among people. This variety of this rice is popular in many countries because of its low cost and great quality product.   The Non-Basmati IR 64 Rice has been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. Thanks to the glorious rule, the IR64 Parboil Rice has always served a wide variety of world cuisines, whether it is ancient or modern, with a textured appearance, charming taste and a pleasant aroma.   What is the Method of Preparing the Parboiled Rice? IR 64 has been built into additional security. The preparation of this rice is done with attention and extra supervision. At very firstly the Paddy is soaked in water, Then it is boiled and then dried. After these processes, the rice is in a state of preparation and then used for milling. As a result, we got what is called half-boiled rice. In addition, the rice colour changes to yellow/golden or milky white.   Steamed rice is rich in nutrients. We make sure to take all necessary steps are taken to get the natural vitamins and minerals in the rice grains. From a health point of view, these nutrients are very important.   Consumers in retail and businesses (such as hotels and restaurants) use it to prepare daily dishes. The good news is that IR-64 parboiled rice has a variety of flavours and functions, is very economical, and can adapt to different budgets. People of every class will find it affordable to buy and consume this rice.   Properties IR 64 rice has astonishing properties such as the quality of this rice is high, the taste is impressive and memorable. It is healthy and great for cooking. This rice is packed hygienically. This rice has a unique flavour and is also used as idli rice, a staple food in southern India. Our IR 64 rice is used to prepare a variety of dishes including dosa, paniyaram, appam, puttu, puttu and other dishes. This is why you should buy IR64 rice. It is the perfect choice for pairing with curries, gravy and a variety of delicacies at a low price.     Nutritional Benefits The IR 64 rice contains a higher percentage of vitamin B content than ordinary white rice, and its pre-cooking will deactivate the enzymes that break down the fat in the rice. This is done for preventing rancidity. This type of rice also contains more than 127% phenolic compounds, this will help to cover up your kidneys from entering free radicals and keeps you intensely healthy. If you consume our IR 64 rice every day, it will not affect your blood sugar.   You can get top-notch quality of long grain rice from a reputed Ir 64 rice exporter from India, who would provide you with the best quality rice that has a pleasant aroma, unforgettable taste, is rich in vitamin B and well packaged maintaining strict quality measures. Urad Papad – Delicious and Healthy Option to Add to your Regular Diet Thu, 16 Sep 2021 14:44:29 +0530 Urad Papad is a healthy and delicious option. It can be easily enjoyed by adults and kids. Urad Papad Exporters from India assure for the delivery of the best products. India is popular for its diversified food culture, diverse range of cuisines, and unique techniques used for cooking. No holiday of a foreign tourist is complete without enjoying special food items. Papad is one of the most special dishes made in India and is liked by millions of people. Different ingredients can be used in the manufacturing of papad. Papad is known as a thin and crunchy wafer to add to every Indian meal. No matter, it’s masala papad or rice papad, poppadum, or urad papad, our taste for the papad is just an eternal one. In the past, Indian women spend hours in their household making them. However, there is a change in our lifestyles. Now, we prefer to buy these papads directly from a nearby store. All we need to fry them in oil and get ready to enjoy something tasty. Urad dal papad is a renowned vegetarian side dish greatly popular in India. Moreover, they are known as a renowned protein-packed snack all across the world. We normally purchase them from the market. A simple kneading technique is required to make urad dal papads. The flour of Urad is kneaded perfectly with the masalas. After getting dried, the homemade papads can be stored for a long period. You can enjoy them during tea time, lunch and dinner. What are the top benefits associated with eating papad? • It works as a good appetizer • It boosts the digestion • If added to your diet in moderation, you can enjoy amazing protein and nutrients performed by additional ingredients. • They are gluten-free food items. • It possesses a dietary fiber • Papad is having a low-calorie snack • Papad works as a probiotic snack that digests macro and micronutrients directly from the food you consume. • You can also look ahead with a healthy metabolism. How to store papad to keep them in good quality? The packet of the paper should be stored in an air-tight container. Normally, the shell life remains up to 1 year. However, every manufacture offers its expiry date. Some of them call them perfect for just six months. To increase the shelf life of the papad, you can occasionally put it under sunlight. All the ranges of papad supplied through Urad Papad Exporters are fresh. It is suggested to buy small packets if you are using them for personal use. The exporters make sure for the proper packing and hygiene of the packets. The papad has a lower level of sodium and gives numerous health benefits to the users. If you wish to place for the papad, you can easily find an exporter online. Before placing an order you should the rating and quality of the offered products by the manufacture. A good food item is always good for our health.