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Indian Rice

  • Broken Rice

    Properties : Rich in Taste, Pure ..

    Moisture : 14% Max

    Small Brokens of 1.25 Mm : 15% Max

    Medium Brokens Above 1.25 Mm : 80% Minimum

    Whole Grain of Rice : 5% Max

  • Idli Rice
    Idli is one of the healthiest food from South Indian Cuisine. This is a streamed cake which is made with black lentils and rice. This is made in a specialised mould and is eaten with different chutneys and vegetable stew. Our company Mithran Exports
  • Ponni Rice
    Mithran Exports is one of the best Ponni rice exporters from India. We are based in Tamil Nadu but all our products are exported worldwide. Ponni Rice is healthy and has amazing nutrients which make it perfect to add in your diet. The nutrients in

Indian Papad

Papad is a crispy, thin wafer made with the use of flour and other necessary ingredients. This can also be made with the use of dal, sabudana or potato, chickpea or jackfruit. To remove moisture these are dried in the sun and when the moisture is removed entirely it is used for months to years. Mithran Exports, Tamil Nadu is the best papad manufacturer from India. We provide our customers with the best quality papad that has amazing health benefits.

Benefits Of Eating Papad

We all have had papad and the amazing taste of this is what completes your meals. At many places, even in restaurants, papad is served in Thali but we never cared to know or ask the logic behind this. So here is a list of few of this health benefits of eating Papad.

• Papad is low in calorie, rich in fibre and gluten-free. Also, it contains high levels of protein. This is a great snack and people of all age group can enjoy these at any time of the day they wish.

  • This is great as an appetizer for health and it completes your meals.

  • They help in promoting the growth of good bacteria in the gut which means that Papad act as a probiotic and supports assimilation and digestion of micronutrients and macronutrients form your food.

  • This helps in enhancing the secretion of digestive enzymes and juices which are essential for metabolism and hence acts as a digestive.

  • The fibre content in Papad is beneficial for maintaining your digestive system. You will get relief from constipation. Therefore add this in your meals every day.

Order our products and enjoy the crispiness of the papad that we export and supply to our customers with your meals. Our papads are surely the best and will beat the taste of all Papad available in the market. We provide the best papad in India with the price that is affordable.

Call us and get our service today. To know more about our products and services contact us. We will answer all your question in details and will ensure that all your doubts are clear.



Indian Spices

Jaggery Powder


We all love our little dose of sweetness at least once in a while, but this craving is always accompanied by the fear of having bad health and gaining weight. Many medical practitioners advise you to stay away from sugar and avoid it if possible. But if you still want to consume something that is sweet choose jaggery powder. Mithran Export is the best Jaggery exporters from India. We are based in Tamil Nadu but are reliable and trusted company.

The jaggery that we provide to our customers is an excellent and naturally healthy sweetener. This is made with the use of good quality sucrose. This is golden brown and has a distinct taste, unlike the plain sugar. It can be stored in blocks and powder form and can be used in any dish.

Following are some benefits of jaggery powder.

Healthy Source Of Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is essential for our body. This helps to produce energy in our body and also jaggery is a storehouse of carbohydrates. Compared to sugar jaggery has a complex form of carbohydrate which doesn’t breakdown easily. Therefore you can avoid damage to the internal organs which happens when there is a sudden rise in energy.

Good For Digestion

Jaggery powder is rich in fibre and this is the reason why it can make your bowel movement better. This helps you get relief from digestion. Jaggery powder activities the digestive enzymes and facilitate the function of digestion by reducing the pressure on the intestine.

Storehouse Of Minerals

Jaggery powder is rich in minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus. As it comes directly from the sugar cane juice it is not to put through refinement or bleaching. This helps in retaining all the original minerals.

Cleanser And Purifier

This helps in cleaning and purifying your blood and respiratory tract, the lungs and also your digestive tract. This also eliminated toxins from your body and serves as a means to improve your immunity.

These were some of the benefits of choosing jaggery powder from our company. We are the best jaggery powder exporters from India and supply only certified products to our customers and clients at an affordable price.


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